Wagamama session


We want to hear your examples of careers champions who work tirelessly for the benefit of young people and who often go unsung for their efforts. We would also love to hear your stories of brilliant young people who have enhanced their own potential by taking advantage of career-related opportunities.

To do this, we have five key themed areas which we will highlight.


Tackling disadvantage

We will be celebrating those whose work has created positive change in social mobility, reducing the disadvantage gap and enabling young people to consider a future without limitations.


Connecting with technical and vocational education

We will be celebrating those whose work has helped to raise awareness of opportunities like apprenticeships and FE courses and training, as well as those that have challenged stereotypes, to enable young people from all backgrounds to progress through pathways such as these, into great careers.



We will be celebrating those whose work has shown vision and new or improved ways to transform careers education for young people, building on the best evidence and understanding of needs.


Leading the way

We will be celebrating those that go above and beyond; whose approach is inspiring, influential and empowering. Those that show tenacity to move careers focus from the margins and into the very heart of their institution.


Brilliant Young People

We will be celebrating those young people who are open to opportunity, can reflect progress derived from the careers support activities they engage on their learning and progression, and can remain focused on goals despite setbacks, to enhance their career potential.