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Brilliant Young People

We are all ultimately here to positively impact the lives of young people, so they may transition through education and into the world of work with as many doors open to them and with high aspirations for their future - regardless of what their future may look like.

You'll find a number of inspirational Careers Champions highlighted below and you can use these social banners to celebrate your own Brilliant Young People. As this is such a special theme, we've created a reference template and reference letterhead for you to use to capture a young person recognition to support an application for a job, place at college, internship or apprenticeship, as part of UCAS or for the young person to take home and celebrate with their parent/carer.

Brilliant Young People

The Careers Champions Recognition Series has been all about recognising those who work tirelessly for the benefit of all young people. At the core of all of this are, of course, young people themselves.

With the support of so many dedicated individuals, such as Careers Leaders, and our volunteer Enterprise Advisers, many young people are now being empowered to make decisions and take actions that enable them to grow to their full potential.

The openness of so many brilliant young people to enhance their own potential through essential skills development, and the employment of such skills despite setbacks, is awe-inspiring.

Let’s celebrate all those young people who are open to opportunity, can reflect progress derived from the careers support they engage with, and can remain focused on goals despite setbacks, to enhance their career potential.

Watch the videos below to hear about Baroness Morgan and Steve Holliday's highlights, and meet the Champions themselves…

Harry, Sandfield Park

‘Harry is a champion, he has real determination and is part of creating the change towards better employment opportunities for disabled young people.’ 


Champion for Careers, Sandfield Park School

Harry is a remarkable 19 year old who has been a pupil at Sandfield Park School since the age of 11. One of the most inspirational qualities about Harry is that he has always seized every opportunity to develop his skills. 

Harry was elected as Young Lord Mayor and works hard to champion the rights of disabled young people, particularly in relation to the world of work. He innovates to improve the low number of learning disabled young people in employment, pitching improvement ideas to his supported internship employer, Growing Happy. This has led to interest from CEOs of national business, who are so impressed by Harry that they are working alongside him to help him grow his innovations.

Due to COVID 19, Harry has been shielding at home, but despite such difficult and frustrating circumstances, he has continued to work with the internship programme. His can-do attitude has enabled him to continue learning and developing new skills, while supporting his peers to do the same with the creation of career-related resources.  

Harry is collaborative, aiming to make a difference, not only to his own career aspirations, but also to others’. Thank you Harry for your commitment to making a difference for all young people. 

Bejay Mulenga

‘Bejay combines his knowledge and skills and seizes every opportunity to be the best he can be.’




Bejay is an entrepreneur, who at 24, has already celebrated a decade of establishing businesses across recruitment, marketing and media production.

He started his journey to entrepreneurship at the age of 12 with a sold out school talent show. He moved on to found Supa Tuck when he was 14 years old, a franchise of student-run tuck shops in schools and has since gone on to consult and work for brands such as Sony Music, Uber, Coca-Cola, Facebook, River Island, and Nike. 

He is an award-winning entrepreneur – at 20 years old he was the youngest person to receive Her Majesty the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion in 2016. 

Supa Network brings all of his businesses into one space - spanning creative content production, event production, marketing, influencer marketing and recruitment for large companies. 

Bejay also makes time to give back and worked with The Careers & Enterprise Company to make a number of films sharing his journey and encouraging other young people to think about careers, entrepreneurship and the different pathways open to them. 

Thank you Bejay for being a role model and showing what young people are capable of. We can’t wait to see what you go on to do next.

Max, MVV Environment

‘Max is brave, determined, reliable and hard-working, a true credit to himself, his family, his school and our business!’


Business Support Apprentice, MVV Environment Devonport Ltd

Max was proactive about choosing his pathway after school and made his own dreams happen. 
His school, Devonport High School for Boys, supported Max to explore post-16 pathways that would allow him to achieve his aspiration to work and continue learning. School, business and college came together to ensure that Max had access to an apprenticeship with an employer that inspired him. 
Max first met MVV Environment Ltd when he completed a week’s work shadowing at the Plymouth site. His enthusiasm and ability to relate theoretical knowledge to the business processes impressed everyone he met during that week. They decided that Max was worth investing in and set about helping him to find an appropriate training package so he could be taken on as an apprentice.

Max grasped the opportunities on offer to him and has remained ambitious in his pursuit of a degree-level apprenticeship. He is an inspiration to other students and employees and even finds time to speak to and inspire students at his old school.
Even in the face of challenges presented by the global pandemic, Max has remained committed to taking on an accelerated programme with City College Plymouth, alongside his other work commitments. His excellent attitude and dogged determination are just two of the many reasons he is a champion. 

Thank you Max for being determined to shape your future and for giving back by sharing your story with young people to inspire them and inform them about the different pathways available. 

‘Cole could have let his background determine his future, he did not, he rose above, got the support he needed and is now a successful role model for other young people who face a challenging upbringing.’ 


Apprentice Talent and Skills Advisor, Suffolk Country Council

Cole was a care leaver and faced an unstable and unsettled childhood. Despite setbacks, he has turned his life around by embracing a mentoring programme and is now an apprentice at Suffolk County Council. 

Like many care leavers, Cole was without the foundations to build a successful career. As a mentee under the Volunteering Matters 'Grand Mentor' programme, Cole was linked with a mentor and was able to develop essential life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and vital work skills to prepare him for a role in the future.  

Cole fully utilised his relationship with Darren Lewitt, an Enterprise Adviser and Cole’s Grand Mentor, to gain essential skills which led to his successful application for a role within the HR team at Suffolk County Council. 

Not only has Cole been on an incredible journey, he is now a role model for other young people in care and has also supported workshops in schools via Suffolk County Council's Cornerstone Employer link.  

Thank you Cole for your commitment to sharing your story and being a role model for other young people who are making decisions about the future.

St Oscar Romero School

‘Chloe represents everything a young person should aspire to.  She is creative, collaborative, community aware and approaches all she does with passion and drive.’


Student Ambassador, St Oscar Romero Catholic School

Chloe leads a team of dedicated community partners including other students, parents, carers, business partners and teachers and she is only in Year 9!

The Future Promise is a three-bedroom house and a large plot on the school grounds that is being converted into a wellbeing centre, cafe and allotment. As Director of the Future Promise Community Organisation, Chloe and her team have faced setbacks but she has continued to move the project forward demonstrating both leadership and tenacity. 

She helped coordinate wellbeing volunteering sessions in the Summer holidays and continues to build the community wellbeing by bringing people together with a shared passion to make change for the good.  

She and her team are also involved in the Finger Prints Environmental Student Organisation, through which they presented at the Worthing Climate Change Conference in 2020.  The group create Actions 4 Change, which help to address sustainability in close partnership with companies in Worthing.  

Chloe shows, and continues to show, many skills including delegation, trust building, external partner networking and helps to guide younger students to be entrepreneurial. 

Thank you Chloe for all you do to help others and for demonstrating that you can be a strong leader at any age.

Future Promise House